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US Immigration News

Mexico won't give US maps to illegal immigrants

10:28 27/01/2006
Earlier this week, Mexico announced plans to give US maps to would-be illegal immigrants, detailing where to find water and help in the desert as they attempt to reach the United States. Mexico...

Illegal Mexican immigrants to get US maps

19:41 26/01/2006
A Mexican government agency is to issue some 70,000 maps marking main roads and water tanks for people wanting to cross illegally into the US . The National Human Rights Commission says the maps are...

Quota reached on US H1B visas for advanced degrees

13:32 20/01/2006
According to an update from US Citizenship and Immigration Service, the quota of 20,000 H1B visas for those with Master's Degrees or higher was exhausted on January 17, 2006. Under current law, the...

US announces plans for paperless visa applications

9:39 20/01/2006
The US announced this week its plans for a "paperless" U.S. visa application system that will enable foreigners to apply for visas electronically and use digital video technology to conduct remote...

US Embassy in Oman to change application rules

18:12 16/01/2006
As of March 1, 2006, the US Embassy in Muscat, Oman will only accept visa application forms that have been filled out online, printed, and signed, says a press note. The forms are the DS-156 (Non-...

Two tunnels found under US-Mexico border

16:36 16/01/2006
Two tunnels have been discovered under the US -Mexico border this week, American immigration agents say. One was discovered in Arizona when border patrol agents spotted two men taking marijuana out...