Review of Trump US visa reports by Sanwar Ali

The World is fascinated with President Donald Trump, one of the most controversial US Presidents since Richard Nixon.  Our most popular US visa news reports seem to be Trump related stories.  Below is a selection of some of the more popular news reports with updated comments about Donald Trump and the US visa situation:

US H1B visa and L1 visa denials increase due to Trump policy

Sanwar Ali comment:

US visa difficulties are surely affecting economic growth and job creation in the United States.  To be able to work in the US was in many cases already very difficult under President Obama.  It is even more difficult under President Trump.  Much of the time the only visa categories available are the L1 visa and possibly the H1B visa.  In reality if you wish to employ someone new currently based outside the US on an H-1B visa the chances of success are low.  In recent years, in most cases, the only time that you can apply for an H1B visa to employ someone is in the beginning of April each year to start work in October of the same year. There is a lottery for the available H1B visas available.  However, with the proposed H1B visa changes there may be significant changes to the system soon.  The alternative E2 visa and E1 visa categories are only available for certain nationalities and are not available for Indian and Chinese nationals.

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Trump US L1 visa rejection rates reach 70% with Indians hit

Sanwar Ali comments:

It has been the case for some years that the L1 visa rejection rate has been higher for Indian nationals.   This is somewhat unfair.  It seems that Indians are being targeted because of concerns about large Indian owned IT companies in the US.  Indians have limited visa options as they cannot come under the E2 Treaty Investor Visa Scheme or E1 Treaty Trader Visa Scheme.  There are also not enough H1B visas to meet demand.

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Melania Trump US EB1 immigrant Green Card visa controversy and Donald Trump

Sanwar Ali comment:

In reality US employment based immigrant visas have lengthy processing times. Employers are likely to apply for non-immigrant visas such as L1 visasE2 visasE1 visas and B1 in lieu of H1B visas instead of immigrant visas for many employees which have much shorter processing times.

Melania Trump's husband Donald Trump continues to make more news than most other US Presidents, thanks to his strange and unpredictable behaviour.  President Trump sometimes likes to criticize comedians. He has attacked Stephen Colbert of the Late Show and Alec Baldwin of Saturday Night Live. Both shows have achieved significant rating boosts since Donald Trump became President.

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