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Amanda Vanstone

Australia's illegal immigration hotline successful

10:53 28/12/2005
Since the installation of a new hotline was established in February 2004 in Australia , 50,000 calls were made turning in illegal workers and visa over-stayers. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone...

Australia's new immigrants find jobs quickly

18:18 05/12/2005
New migrants to Australia are finding employment faster than ever before according to a new survey conducted by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA). The...

Australia's new working holiday maker visa a success

13:11 28/11/2005
Rural Australian fruit growers desperate for workers have been helped out by the large number of backpackers who took advantage of changes to the working holiday maker visa scheme . Three weeks after...

Australia says its rural migration program failing

9:29 08/11/2005
An Australian federal Government review finds that the country's skilled migration programs are failing in regional Australia, with almost a quarter of foreign workers unemployed and low wages and...

Australia to make English test more difficult

10:42 07/11/2005
Australia , which is currently undergoing a massive campaign to attract more immigrants, is considering making its English language tests for skilled migrants more difficult, after finding that many...

New Australian visa rules come into force today

11:54 01/11/2005
New immigration rules that come into force on 1 Nov. will let Australian employers recruit apprentices from overseas. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says the changes will benefit employers who...