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Amanda Vanstone

Gay couples treated differently under Australian immigration laws

12:44 13/04/2005
Gay couples entering Australia on temporary visas are treated differently from heterosexual couples under immigration laws, Australia's Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Amanda...

Australia immigration: guest workers scheme proposed

10:26 24/02/2005
Australia may bring in temporary unskilled workers to fill chronic labour shortages in some areas, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports. In a speech before the National Press Club on February...

Measures will stimulate immigration to regional Australia

13:41 23/02/2005
The Australian authorities hope to attract skilled immigrants to non-metropolitan areas under a new initiative by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA). A...

Australian Working Holiday scheme to stay the same

11:08 10/02/2005
Australia will not make any changes to Working Holidaymaker arrangements for British nationals, despite changes announced February 9 to the UK working holidaymaker program. Australia's Department of...

Experts debate Australia's skilled immigration needs

16:38 08/02/2005
Australia's immigration system is one of the most successful in the World with over twenty percent of the total population of Australia being born overseas. There have been several new studies...

More temporary entrants choosing immigration to Australia

10:30 21/01/2005
An increasing proportion of permanent Australian immigration applications are made by people already in the country temporarily for study or skilled employment , according to Australia's Department...