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Amanda Vanstone

Australia, Bangladesh sign work and holiday visa agreement

13:37 09/03/2006
Australia's immigration department has announced that Bangladesh and Australia have signed a work and holiday agreement, allowing young professionals to work in each other's countries. University-...

Australia skilled migrants to be able to bring same-sex partners

14:35 06/03/2006
Skilled migrants to Australia will soon be able to sponsor same sex partners to come to Australia, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said. She said citizens and permanent residents can currently...

Australian minister defends new trade-skills training visa

9:39 28/02/2006
Australian Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone this week defended a new trade-skills training visa. The visa category will allow employers in regional areas to award apprenticeships to trainees from...

Australia may cut visas for low-skilled tech workers

18:06 07/02/2006
Australia's Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone is considering measures to cut the number of less-skilled technology workers entering Australia. Senator Vanstone is looking at ways to better define...

Australia attracts migrants, but loses Australians

15:15 23/01/2006
As has been reported on numerous times, Australia is currently scouring the world for skilled immigrants . The trend is likely to continue, as an increasing number of skilled workers...

Immigration in Australia reaches 15 year high

10:22 02/01/2006
Australia welcomed 123,424 new immigrants in 2004-2005, the highest number in more than 15 years. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said the number of immigrants each year is up about 40 percent...