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Amanda Vanstone

Australia's immigration program strong and generous: minister

17:29 26/09/2005
Australia's Federal Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone on 25 Sept. described Australia's immigration program as strong and generous, during a speech marking the start of Refugee Week in Adelaide...

Australian sea arrivals to be more secure

14:24 06/09/2005
Workers on container ships will be subject to electronic clearance before arrival at Australian sea ports from March 2006, the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs,...

Australian immigration officials blamed for elderly woman's death

18:14 25/08/2005
Australian Immigration officials are facing possible legal action after being accused of contributing to the death of an elderly Syrian woman seeking to extend a visitor visa due to ill health. While...

Australia taking higher numbers of skilled immigrants

9:21 27/07/2005
The number of Australia's skilled workers has increased by almost 78,000 in the past year in an effort to solve the country's skills shortage. This is the largest intake of skilled migrants since the...

20,000 violate visa rules in Australia in 2003-4

9:10 13/06/2005
Australian Immigration officials picked up 20,000 people who had overstayed their visas or breached their visa conditions in 2003-04, new figures reveal. The figures were part of a report released by...

Australia to take an additional 20,000 skilled migrants in 2005-06

12:30 14/04/2005
Australia will take an extra 20,000 skilled migrants in 2005-06 to help meet labour force needs. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone said on 13 April 2005 that between 130,000 and 140,000 non-...