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Anne McLellan

Former Russian spy denied return to Canada

14:43 04/08/2006
A Russian woman who spied on Canada for six years after assuming the identity of a dead child lost an appeal to return to the country to live with her new Canadian husband . Canada's federal court...

Canada not interested in US border-fence initiative

11:53 22/12/2005
Canada has no interest in a new U.S. initiative to study building a security wall along the border, Canadian officials said. A cross-border business group said it makes no sense when what's urgently...

Canadian woman argues for changes to sponsorship rules

11:46 15/09/2005
Sally Santiago could never have imagined that her arranged marriage to a Filipino husband would leave her bruised and beaten. She says that Citizenship and Immigration Canada forced her to continue...

U.S. will demand passports from Canadians

11:24 06/04/2005
In order to bolster border security in the United States, by 2007, most Canadians will need a passport to enter the US. By 2008, Americans going to Canada will also need to show a passport in order...