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Australia's Department of Immigration

Increased number of Australian 457 visas issued in Tasmania

10:15 09/02/2016
Figures released by Australia's Department of Immigration and Border Protection show that the number of 457 visas being issued to foreign workers has increased by 40 per cent across the state of...

Australian skilled immigration: UK teachers in demand

10:06 23/10/2015
Approximately one in 17 secondary school teachers and one in 20 primary school teachers in Australia are British-born. According to teacher recruitment agencies, demand for Modern Foreign Language,...

Large numbers of Irish citizens continue to emigrate for better opportunities

9:05 24/04/2012
High numbers of Irish citizens are continuing to emigrate to other countries, especially Australia, according to official figures. Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship figures show a...

Australian immigration sees increase in 457 visa workers

14:37 01/02/2012
As Australia 's skills shortages worsens, nearly 4,600 foreign workers have found jobs in Queensland, and more employers are set to take advantage of the 457 visa in the coming year. According to...

Australia cracking down on student visa violations

9:38 01/11/2011
Australian immigration authorities have cancelled 15,066 student visas in the past year; This is due to students violating the terms of their visa - an increase of 37 percent from 2009. The crackdown...

Review of 2005's most important immigration news stories

15:01 30/12/2005 brings you a summary of what we consider to be the most monumental immigration news of 2005. Australia launches biggest immigration drive in 40 years As a result of a desperate need...