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Bob Birrell

Immigrants take 95% of new jobs in Australia since 2011

18:08 08/09/2014
A report written by an Australian academic states that there have been 400,000 jobs created in the Australian economy since 2011 and that migrants who have arrived in the country since that year have...

Report says temporary visa holders are taking Australians' jobs

15:39 30/11/2012
A report from an Australian university has claimed that Australia should substantially reduce the numbers of temporary work visas that it issues. The report was written by Dr Bob Birrell of the...

Western Australia unable to attract skilled immigration visa holders

16:48 17/11/2011
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship released new figures showing a significant decline in the number of migrants settling in Western Australia. The data further reveals the major...

Skilled Australian immigrants represent significant "brain gain"

17:34 18/08/2006
• Watch This Video Australia continues to enjoy a substantial 'brain gain' from migration, with a new report showing that the nation's intake of skilled and professional migrants increased...

More skilled immigration proposed for Australia

16:12 27/03/2006
Australian immigration could be accepting up to 180,000 migrants within two years. This would be the highest intake since the late 1960's. Big business in Australia is putting pressure on the...