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Border Force

UK Border Agency immigration case work system delayed by one year

11:14 19/07/2012
The UK Border Agency's new £385 million Immigration Case Work (ICW) system is one year behind schedule and has exceeded its original budget by £28m, according to the National Audit Office (NAO). In a...

UK Immigration border chief resigns over relaxed border allegations

16:41 10/11/2011
The UK government is facing strong criticism after it was revealed the UK Border Agency had been downgrading immigration and visa checks. Head of the Border Force, Brodie Clark, resigned over claims...

UK immigration points based system and bogus students

19:39 03/11/2009
UKBA has commented recently on suggestions that migrants are entering the UK illegally as bogus students. Jeremy Oppenheim, head of the points-based system at the UK Border Agency had the following...