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UK - A8 countries, Bulgarian and Romanian migrant statistics

10:16 21/08/2007
• Media Center » Video ImmigrationNews The Home Office released statistics today on the number of Bulgaria and Romanian workers registered to work in the United Kingdom . Between April and June of...

Irish IT sector wants immigration changes

13:28 14/08/2007
• Media Center » Irish Immigration Update Ireland's IT companies are complaining that the country's current immigration legislation is making it hard for them to hire workers from outside the...

Moldova ranks second for migrant money transfers

16:14 02/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Moldova ranks second in the world for the amount of money sent home by migrants to their families. 27 percent of Moldova's GDP consists of the $854 million...

Germany struggles with unemployment, labor shortages

14:52 02/08/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The Deutsche Well reported that unemployment figures for Germany were released this week, showing that 3.7 million were jobless in July. However, German...

New Zealand immigration policy changes effective 30 July 2007

12:30 31/07/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News A number of changes to New Zealand's immigration policy will go into effect on 30 July 2007 including changes to Residence policy and Temporary Entry policy...

Portugal takes EU presidency, announces Africa summit

10:18 05/07/2007
• Watch This Video Portugal has begun its six-month term at the helm of the European Union presidency, effective from 01 July 2007. There are a number of difficult and controversial issues that have...