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Strip Home Office of UK visa powers says ex-border boss

11:03 28/04/2022
Priti Patel’s former UK border boss, Glyn Williams, has called for the Home Office to be stripped of its UK visa powers amid its farcical handling of a refugee scheme. Williams has urged the UK...

Sanwar Ali: George Floyd and Home Office discrimination probe

1:37 15/06/2020
By Sanwar Ali : Following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US on 25 May 2020, discriminatory conduct in the UK as well, especially by UK authorities has been brought more...

UK Archbishop criticises government immigration policy

15:18 13/11/2014
A UK religious leader has criticised politicians for demonising immigrants who come to the UK. Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, spoke out after Defence Secretary Michael Fallon commented that...

New Zealand's 'colossal staffing needs' are 'here to stay for some time'

9:42 30/04/2013
There are opportunities in New Zealand for intrepid workers, particularly in the construction industry but also in many other trades and professions in the rebuilding of the city of Christchurch in...

New minister says New Zealand immigration policies working well

15:09 28/02/2013
After an unexpected reshuffle of the New Zealand government's cabinet in January, the new immigration minister, Michael Woodhouse, gave a speech on 14th February to the New Zealand Association of...

Business NZ urges New Zealand government to do more to attract immigrants

19:01 07/09/2012
Business NZ, a leading pro-business lobby group in New Zealand, says that there are many vacancies in the New Zealand economy that need filling. It has called on the government to do more to attract...