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central Europe

EU chief says immigrants boost UK economy

18:24 29/04/2005
Immigrants from new EU countries have boosted Britain's economy and Britons should welcome new immigrants to the UK , the European Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn said on 28 April. Immigration,...

Sharp increase of new EU workers to Ireland

11:57 24/08/2004
The Irish government released figures earlier this month that show that there has been a sharp rise in the number of workers from new EU member states seeking work in Ireland since 1 May 2004. The...

UK - Worker Registration Scheme statistics announced

12:34 07/07/2004
The Home Office has released figures showing that over 24,000 Central and Eastern European nationals from the new EU member states had signed up for the Worker Registration Scheme (WRS) by the end of...

EU - Sweden opens labour market to new EU workers

13:05 29/04/2004
In a Parliament session yesterday, MPs rejected a proposal made by the Social Democrat party in power to restrict the entry of workers from the new EU accession countries. This means that Sweden will...

UK - SAWS quotas to be reduced under immigration review

13:12 28/04/2004
With the EU enlargement date looming, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced plans to review UK immigration policy. Business leaders were told that abuses of the immigration system will be prevented by...

UK - Workers Registration Scheme for new EU members

12:58 14/04/2004
The Home Office has recently announced Workers Registration Scheme that set out transitional measures that will apply to nationals from the new EU member states. These will allow nationals of eight...