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Chris Bowen

Australian Visitor Visa and other visas may become easier to obtain

12:49 20/04/2011
Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Nick Sherry Minister for Small Business have announced a discussion paper asking for views on the simplification of Australian visitor visas . The Government is...

Business group urges Australia to allow more skilled immigration

15:53 28/02/2011
The Business Council of Australia has urged the Australian government to increase temporary skilled immigration. The resources sector of Australia , which includes industries such as mining, are...

Australia may extend visas for Egyptians

11:35 03/02/2011
The Australian government will consider extending visas for Egyptians in Australia whose visas are about to expire; This is due to the political situation in Egypt. Egyptian citizens within Australia...

South Australia attracts skilled migrants

17:17 06/01/2011
The Australian government has signed a state migration agreement with South Australia that will help meet the Australian state's need for skilled migrants. "State migration plans are part of the...

Business leaders urge Australia to increase immigration

14:00 05/01/2011
Business leaders in Australia are urging the Government to speed up applications for skilled migrant workers as it faces labour gaps resulting from a resurgent economy. Also, the Department of...

Australia to simplify temporary work visas

13:46 18/12/2010
Australia plans to simplify their temporary work visa program by reducing the number of different visas available. The planned changes are a result of responses by key stakeholders to a discussion...