Australian Visitor Visa and other visas may become easier to obtain

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Nick Sherry Minister for Small Business have announced a discussion paper asking for views on the simplification of Australian visitor visas.

The Government is trying to reduce the different types of visas and visa subclasses by fifty percent by 2015. Mr Bowen went on to say:

"The government's proposal to simplify visitor visas follows on from our recent commitment to streamline temporary work visas."

"We are undertaking broad public consultation on the visa simplification process, to ensure we consider the impact of any changes on the community," he added.

The proposals are that all short-stay (non-business visitor) work activities be moved out of the visitor program and into the new unsponsored short-stay visa. This will form part of the proposed new temporary work visa. It is also proposed that the types of visitor visas are reduced from nine to four.

Senator Sherry went onto say:

"This streamlining will be achieved by relocating certain short-stay work entitlements and by consolidating common regulatory requirements.

"The government is planning to achieve further simplification in this area by standardising similar regulations and removing duplicate regulation."

If you wish to comment on these proposals you have until 13 May 2011 to do so. It is hoped that there will be simplified visit visa requirements in the future and that this will result in more people visiting Australia.