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Chuck Schumer

Entrepreneurs raise finance for tech hub in ocean off San Francisco

18:55 17/01/2013
A tech startup company, Blueseed, has raised seed finance to carry out research into the possibility of setting up a floating tech company incubator in international waters off the Pacific Coast of...

US immigration may soon make E-3 visa program for professionals available to Irish

10:11 21/02/2012
Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Eamon Gilmore and US Senator Scott Brown believe "early progress" will be made on securing the Irish E3 visa bill. If passed, the new bill will allow 10,500 highly...

US Senators push for skilled immigration reform

15:44 31/07/2011
The Senate Judiciary Committee's immigration subcommittee is attempting to push through legislation that would expand the H-1B visa system and grant green card work permits to foreign students who...