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US companies want more visas for unskilled foreign workers

15:19 02/05/2005
Small-business owners in the US who rely on international workers say they need more H2B visas to be available for foreign workers. The US government offered 66,000 visas under the H2B program, but...

US H-1B visas should not have limits: Bill Gates

15:04 28/04/2005
Limits on H-1B visas should be removed to allow more skilled foreign citizens to work at US companies if the US wants to remain a leader in technology, Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said on 27...

US grants ten percent of requested visas in India

11:17 18/04/2005
Some 500,000 Indians aspire to visit the United States every year, but the American government issues only about 55,000 visas , the Times of India reported on 15 April. This is due to lack of...

Conflicting H-1B visa news has US firms confused

15:53 13/04/2005
Though federal officials soon will begin issuing an additional 20,000 visas for highly skilled foreign workers, some US companies don't know if they'll be able to participate, reports the Sacramento...

US assures most Europeans will not need to apply for visitor visas

14:52 08/04/2005
The United States Embassy in London issued a pressrelease on April 7 reassuring British citizens that most would not needvisitor visas, as had been widely reported in the press this week. TheEmbassy...

Few using US investor visas

16:43 06/04/2005
The United States has offered permanent residence to immigrant investors for 15 years, but to date just 6,000 such visas have been issued. Permanent residence has been granted to just 650 investors...