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Department of Homeland Security

US government offers new guide for immigrants

19:30 10/08/2005
Pay your taxes, carry your green card all the time and do not engage in serious crimes like murder, rape and terrorism. This is some of the wisdom given to new immigrants by the US Citizenship and...

For many in the US, the green card wait is long

10:04 25/07/2005
A special feature from the Washington Post. Hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers are trying to stay in the United States . The wait is often long. The backlog of foreign workers seeking green...

US work visa opens door to short-term jobs

12:53 11/07/2005
Last week, a report was released claiming that the H-2B work visa fuelled illegal immigration in the United States. This week, brings you the US Department of Labor's positive look at...

Group says US guest worker plan fuels illegal immigration

17:05 01/07/2005
An analysis of the Bush administration's guest worker plan claims that it has actually helped fuel illegal immigration because some believed President Bush is offering amnesty. The survey, some of...

New US H-1B visa regulation to be signed soon

12:06 02/05/2005
The regulation on US H-1B visas has moved through the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and has gone to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for signature. This means that clear information...

Biometric immigration procedures expanded in US

11:22 04/01/2005
Sophisticated immigration identification measures under the US-VISIT program have been implemented at the fifty busiest land crossings into the U.S. ahead of schedule, the Department of Homeland...