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EU immigrants to be required to work in UK before claiming benefits

16:59 05/06/2013
A UK newspaper has reported that the UK is to require EU citizens to work in the UK for 'up to a year' before they can claim benefits. If this happens, it will escalate a dispute between the UK and...

Canadian-immigration-to re-evaluate intra company transfer program

15:58 07/05/2013
Jason Kenney, the Canadian immigration minister has said that his department, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), will investigate allegations of abuse of the Canadian Intra Company Transfer...

Cameron says UK Immigration will not be 'a soft touch' for immigrants

15:51 27/02/2013
David Cameron has given an interview with UK newspaper The Daily Express in which he says he intends to introduce a 'simple, common sense test' which will be used to find out whether immigrants are...

Working in Australia

13:44 18/10/2012
Many people dream of going to live and work in Australia. And many people live the dream. In the year ending on 30th June 2011, net overseas migration into Australia was calculated by the Australian...

Tier 1 Visa Candidates - Maximise your chance of extension and tax efficiency

12:04 23/12/2010 is working with market-leading specialists at structuring contractors pay, and can help anyone who has been granted a Tier 1 visa , or has an application in the pipeline. As the Tier 1...