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Irish finance professionals believe in foreign work experience

10:36 13/02/2007
• Watch This Video According to a report released on 10 February, Irish workers see having experience from working abroad as increasingly important. From financial professionals, 61% of the...

Ireland bars European Union nationals from claiming asylum

15:41 22/01/2007
• Watch This Video Ireland will no longer process asylum applications from citizens of Romania or other European Union members , the government announced recently in a further tightening of the...

US - illegal immigrants sue employers for missing legalization deadline

10:09 09/10/2006
• Watch This Video A popular fast food chain in the United States is the target of a class-action lawsuit by employees who are illegal immigrants who were fired. In a bizarre twist on the U.S...

Irish trade unions seek better deal for migrant nannies

15:26 03/04/2006
The Irish government and trade unions have become involved in the plight of foreign nannies and domestic staff in Irish households regarding national pay increases and working conditions. New rules...

Irish businesses encouraged to set up in Australia

12:10 17/03/2006
At the Down Under Expo in Dublin this week, Irish businesses were encouraged to consider Australia as an ideal commercial location. More than 50 specialist exhibitors from Australia attended the two-...

New immigrants to Ireland buying homes

11:47 11/11/2005
Irish nationals prefer to own their own homes, rather than rent. New arrivals to Ireland appear to have the same preference, with one estate agent reporting that non-national buyers represent up to...