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Obama and Romney clash on immigration reform

18:25 17/10/2012
In the second of the US presidential debates, held yesterday, 16th October 2012 at Hofstra University, New York State, President Obama and the Republican challenger for the presidency, Mitt Romney,...

Immigration reform law would create 1.4m jobs in US says report

13:01 03/10/2012
A report published by the left-of-centre Washington think tank The Center for American Progress says that passing the DREAM Act would add US$329bn to the US economy by 2030. 1.4m jobs would also be...

Reduction in Skilled immigration to Ireland

16:15 05/01/2011
Ireland is seeing a large drop in skilled immigrants entering the country through its work permit program. The number of people entering the country through this route dropped by 19 percent in 2010...

New 'Entrepreneur Visa' to be announced by the UK

19:47 04/11/2010
The UK Government is expected to announce a new "entrepreneur visa" aimed at attracting investor-backed businessmen who wish to immigrate to the UK to start high-tech companies. The goal is to better...

Possible new Entrepreneur Visa for US

14:35 05/01/2010
A United States congressman has proposed a new 'start-up' visa which would make it easier for foreign entrepreneurs to start companies in America . Congressman Jared Polis proposed the new visa, with...

Google speaks out on H-1B visas

11:56 06/06/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News In a post on its public policy blog, on 5 June 2008, Google voiced its desire to see the U.S. government raise the "artificially low" H-1B visa cap. The...