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Helen Clark

Australia and NZ Immigration and Climate Change

10:53 19/08/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Over one hundred non-governmental organizations from across the Pacific Islands region have written a letter to the leaders of Australia and New Zealand urging...

New Zealand wants more Chinese students

10:42 15/11/2005
New Zealand's new Foreign Minister Winston Peters, who is known as an opponent of immigration, says he wants to encourage more Chinese students to study English in New Zealand. Mr Peters, making his...

New Zealand, Australia differ on seasonal workers

10:03 26/10/2005
New Zealand is willing to consider allowing Pacific workers seasonal visas to New Zealand , while Australia has ruled the idea out. New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark in visits to the Solomon...

Anti-immigration politician becomes NZ foreign minister

9:08 18/10/2005
A populist politician known for his anti-immigration statements has become New Zealand's new Foreign Minister. Winston Peters, who promotes racial profiling of Muslims, will become the public face of...

New Zealand aims to bring New Zealanders home

12:16 23/08/2005
The New Zealand Government is trying to encourage its own expatriate New Zealanders to come home. More than 460,000 New Zealand-born citizens - or 14 per cent of the NZ-born population - live...

New Zealand - Visa waivers for new EU states

14:46 29/12/2004
Prime Minister Helen Clark announced Dec. 27 that New Zealand isextending visa-free arrangements to six new European Union memberstates, whose citizens have until now required tourist visas to...