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Ian Dunt

UK immigration budget slashed by £40 million

10:52 08/10/2021
Anti-immigration think-thank, Migration Watch UK, claims that the number of UK immigration enforcement staff assigned to tackling illegal entry into Britain has dropped from 5,121 in 2018-19 to 4,855...

UK visa overstays double in five years, report claims

12:00 25/02/2021
Migration Watch UK, a think that lobbies for a reduction in UK immigration numbers, claims that the number of UK visa overstayers has doubled over the past five years. According to a report compiled...

Migration Watch UK criticised for misleading UK immigration reports

17:05 29/06/2016
Ian Dunt, editor of, has launched a scathing attack on Migration Watch UK for falsifying the facts about UK immigration . It's no secret that Migration Watch, which describes itself as...

Cameron isolated in Europe on immigration policy

10:09 31/01/2014
There are signs that the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, is becoming increasingly isolated in Europe because of his calls for the European Union to limit the freedom of movement of labour...