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Immigration Department

Australia's new working holiday maker visa a success

13:11 28/11/2005
Rural Australian fruit growers desperate for workers have been helped out by the large number of backpackers who took advantage of changes to the working holiday maker visa scheme . Three weeks after...

Australia to make English test more difficult

10:42 07/11/2005
Australia , which is currently undergoing a massive campaign to attract more immigrants, is considering making its English language tests for skilled migrants more difficult, after finding that many...

Australia's Immigration Department to invest $100m in IT

13:33 20/09/2005
Australia's Immigration Department will spend an extra $100 million on IT over the next five years, and the figure could rise even further as the department considers whether it needs to spend more...

Australian immigration officials blamed for elderly woman's death

18:14 25/08/2005
Australian Immigration officials are facing possible legal action after being accused of contributing to the death of an elderly Syrian woman seeking to extend a visitor visa due to ill health. While...

Australia seeks 20,000 skilled workers to fill labor shortage

15:35 16/08/2005
Australia is seeking to attract 20,000 skilled workers from Asia and Europe in the biggest recruitment drive for migrants in more than 40 years, Immigration spokesman Abdul Rizvi said. The government...

Immigrants using Zambia as a gateway to UK

10:46 09/06/2005
Foreign nationals are using Zambia as a gateway to the United Kingdom and South Africa . Zambia's Immigration Department deputy public relations officer Greenwell Lyempe said the department has...