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Immigration Department

Wage increases impact highly skilled 457 visa program in Australia

16:17 16/11/2006
In a slight twist on an old theme, significant wage gains now mean less. After a 45% surge in skilled workers coming to Australia in 2004-05, the rate of growth in the first three months of this...

Ageing Australian population fears immigration less

17:39 24/07/2006
• Watch This Video Australians have developed a more favorable attitude towards migration since the Howard Government came to power in 1996, with anxiety about an ageing population driving the shift...

Foreign workers flood Australia

9:29 06/07/2006
• Watch This Video Foreign workers are arriving in Australia at the rate of 158 a day. More than 58,000 workers holding temporary skilled work visas arrived in Australia in the year to April,...

Australia's skilled immigration policy criticised

12:22 10/01/2006
Enrolment in Australian university computer courses has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years, and immigration critics are saying it's because too many skilled migrant visas have been issued to...

Fake marriage attempts on the rise in Australia

19:00 29/12/2005
Immigration officials are faced with a sharp rise in numbers seeking Australian residence through sham marriages. The Immigration Department in 2004-05 received 1,909 allegations of contrived...

Asia tops Europe in Victoria, Australia migration boom

14:11 27/12/2005
Immigrants from Asia are leading a migration boom to Australia's Victoria, figures show. Almost half of the 30,581 migrants who made Victoria their home in 2004-05 were born in Asian nations. India...