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Immigration Department

Canadian Immigration Minister outlines plans for immigration system overhaul

11:36 05/03/2012
Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced last week his vision for a more efficient immigration system that would allow Canadian employers a greater say in selecting new immigrants. "...

Australian universities sign up for streamlined visa applications for students

13:15 14/02/2012
Many Australian universities have agreed to sign up for the new streamlined student visa processing system. The system will allow students with certificates of enrolment from participating Australian...

Western Australia unable to attract skilled immigration visa holders

16:48 17/11/2011
Australia's Department of Immigration and Citizenship released new figures showing a significant decline in the number of migrants settling in Western Australia. The data further reveals the major...

Immigration Minister says Australian immigration reforms will deliver the skills needed

15:06 10/02/2010
Immigration Minister Chris Evans had the following to say: The Australian Rudd Government is reforming Australian skilled immigration so that the immigration system will better deal with the needs of...

Hong Kong attracts talent, capital through successful immigration policies

15:22 12/02/2007
• Watch This Video Approximately $900 million (USD) in investment and a wide range of talented people have called Hong Kong their home through the region's immigration policies, according to the...

Australia's 457 visa scheme under government inquiry

14:44 15/12/2006
• Watch This Video Australia 's premium skilled foreign-worker visa scheme (commonly referred to as the 457 visa) has caused some controversy this year, and the federal government is now launching a...