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Fewer Irish backpackers applying for Australian working holiday visas

9:37 08/01/2016
According to a report by the Sydney Morning Herald – a popular Australian newspaper – and as previously reported by, there are fewer Irish backpackers applying for Australian working...

New Tier 2 immigration rules won't help with cyber security shortage

11:53 16/12/2015
The statement of changes to UK immigration rules published in 29 October 2015, specifically paragraph K2 of page 43, states that the occupation 'cyber-security specialist' will be added to the...

CBI: UK immigration restrictions make recruiting skilled staff harder

15:36 02/12/2015
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) at a CBI debate in Leeds, West Yorkshire has warned that UK immigration restrictions will make it increasingly difficult for Yorkshire employers to recruit...

New Zealand census leads to calls for increased immigration

17:31 29/01/2014
New Zealand's most read newspaper, The New Zealand Herald, has called on the government to dramatically increase the level of immigration to help the economy. In an editorial comment piece, the paper...

Bangladesh imposes five-year limit on foreign work permits

12:55 23/10/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Bangladesh's Board of Investment (BOI) has imposed a five-year limit on foreigners working for commercial firms and industries, stating that the country needs...

Refugees to work in UK health care

18:59 08/11/2005
Refugees in Glasgow are to be targeted for a career in the health service. A new pilot scheme has been created to tap into the skills of thousands of refugees in the city who are currently out of...