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Labor shortages could hurt Netherlands growth

13:31 18/09/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Dutch could face problems with economic growth if they can't solve their labor shortage problems. The Netherlands...

Microsoft opens Canada center in response to US immigration problems

13:11 10/07/2007
• Watch This Video Software giant Microsoft announced that it will open a new Microsoft Canada Development Centre in Vancouver, Canada in response to the challenge of bringing in enough foreign...

H-1B visa outsourcing abuse under investigation by US Senate

12:34 16/05/2007
• Watch This Video Two U.S. senators on Monday asked nine foreign-based companies to explain how they are using their United States H-1B work permits that they have obtained for their employees...

Luxembourg may ease visa restrictions for Indian professionals

17:19 22/01/2007
Luxembourg , a major financial hub of Europe, has hinted it would ease visa restrictions for Indian professionals in specific areas of employment. "We will look at relaxing visa rules in specific...

US granting larger numbers of H-1B & student visas to Indians in 2006

16:07 18/12/2006
• Watch This Video The U.S. fiscal year 2006 saw an increased number of H-1B visas granted to highly skilled workers from India, while students wishing to study in the United States should have few...

US business gears up for immigration-reform fray

15:30 04/12/2006
• Watch This Video More than two-thirds of Americans support a guest-worker program that allows illegal immigrants to become citizens , but an almost equal percentage wants to crack down on...