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Jacqui Smith

Official Windrush report shames racist UK visa at Home Office

23:35 23/03/2020
Sanwar Ali comment: There are numerous examples of discrimination in British society unfortunately. As well as the Windrush scandal, a UK visa regulator sponsored by the Home Office is currently...

All former British Army Gurkhas can now settle in the United Kingdom

14:20 30/05/2009
The UK Home Secretary announced on 21 May 2009 that all former Gurkhas who have served in the British Army for at least four years will now be eligible for settlement in the United Kingdom . Until...

New requirements under UK points based system

16:20 23/02/2009
Due to the economic situation in the UK Jacqui Smith the Home Secretary has announced changes which will make it more difficult to comer under the points based system . From 1 April the Government...

UK Immigration and new advertising requirements

9:00 20/01/2009
New UK immigration policy means that employers will first need to advertise jobs within the UK before advertising abroad. Employers will need to first advertise jobs for two weeks in the Government's...

ID cards to be issued to foreigners in the UK

15:15 27/11/2008
On 25 November the UK Home Office started the process of issuing compulsory identity cards to foreigners living in Britain. In a move that signals the first significant phase of the Government's £4...

UK immigration minister gets pied, removed from BBC appearance

16:01 27/10/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The United Kingdom's new immigration minister, Phil Woolas, fell victim to a custard pie on 24 October 2008 while speaking at an environmental debate held at...