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Decrease in number of New Zealand visas issued

13:30 16/05/2012
New figures released by New Zealand 's Department of Labour show that the number of skilled migrants arriving to the country is decreasing. The figures show that the number of people who arrived in...

Floating entrepreneur startup ship won't require US visa

14:14 10/05/2012
The next two years should see the launch of the world's first floating business startup community off the coast of the US . The company responsible for the project, Blueseed, wants to provide office...

US launches ad campaign to promote tourism

15:20 04/05/2012
This week the US has launched their first-ever marketing campaign aimed at increasing tourism to the country. The campaign includes print, web and video ads created by Brand USA, which is a group...

Canadian immigration considers citizenship rule changes to cut down on 'birth tourism'

13:03 05/03/2012
Canadian Immigration is considering changes to the citizenship rules in order to target so-called birth tourism. Birth tourism is where a foreign national comes to Canada to give birth so the baby...

EU leaders call for more immigration and open markets to increase economic growth

12:33 21/02/2012
A dozen European Union leaders, including UK Prime Minister David Cameron, are pushing for greater "labour mobility" within the EU to stimulate job growth and help the economy. The letter detailing...

Canada increases funding to attract international students to Nova Scotia

14:18 03/02/2012
The Canadian government has announced funding for an organization that works to attract international students to immigrate to Nova Scotia. The federal agency, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (...