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John Reid

UK Home Office specifies plans to crack down on illegal immigration

9:44 24/07/2006
The move will prompt renewed claims that John Reid is adopting a hard-line approach to law and order and immigration issues. Home Office sources have confirmed that Reid plans to double the amount...

UK Home Secretary John Reid reforms to affect Immigration and Nationality Directorate

16:44 21/07/2006
The aim of the Government's reform plan is to make the Home Office more efficient. It is hoped that the following changes will result in savings of as much as £115m per year by 2010: The size of the...

UK ministers kill amnesty for immigrants

11:46 12/07/2006
• Watch This Video A review of UK border controls has concluded, and the ministers have scrapped the idea of a possible amnesty for illegal residents in Britain . Immigration Minister Liam Byrne had...

Illegal immigrants caught at UK Home Office

19:16 19/05/2006
Five illegal immigrants have been arrested after turning up for work to clean a British Home Office building. They were working for a firm contracted by the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate...