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John Reid

UK - protest by migrants against HSMP changes

19:27 11/01/2007
• Watch This Video Highly skilled migrants in the United Kingdom are organizing a demonstration against recent changes to the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) . The demonstration will take...

UK may compel foreigners to register identity data by 2008

19:25 20/12/2006
The UK government may force foreign nationals living in Britain to register their biometric data by 2008, aiming to curb illegal immigration and identity fraud costing £1.7 billion ($3.3 billion) a...

Use of UK public services by immigrants

16:34 11/12/2006
It is generally acknowledged that immigrants pay far more into social services than they get back out of it. It is, in fact, one of the driving philosophies of the "managed immigration" system: the...

UK Home Secretary outlines immigration plans

10:51 24/11/2006
• Watch This Video The Queen's Speech includes a new Border and Immigration Bill. What will it contain? When John Reid took over as the UK Home Secretary in May the first item in his in-tray was...

UK Home Office announces illegal immigration crackdown

17:36 21/11/2006
• Watch This Video Home Secretary for the United Kingdom , John Reid, revealed this week a renewed effort as part of on-going plans to arrest Britons involved in people-smuggling and to identify and...

EU G6 nations agree to fight terrorism and illegal immigration

19:50 27/10/2006
• Watch This Video The European Union 's six largest countries have agreed to work together on fighting terrorism, organized crime and illegal immigration after a two-day informal meeting hosted by...