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John Vine

UK Immigration response to 150,000 illegal immigrants 'missing' in the UK

16:52 10/07/2012
Following the release of a recent report claiming that UK Immigration doesn't know where 150,000 illegal migrants are located, the UKBA insists that they have a clear strategy to identify and remove...

Report claims UK immigration unfairly rejecting visa applicants

13:34 18/06/2012
A recently released independent report claims that UK Border Agency staff processing visa applications from Africa had been "acting unfairly" and were wrongly refusing people entry to the UK. The...

UK Border Agency to be split into two separate immigration agencies

12:33 21/02/2012
UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced this week that the UK's immigration Border Agencies will split in two after it was revealed that hundreds of thousands of people had passed through UK...

Inspection Report published for UK immigration visa processing in New York

19:52 10/01/2012
A recent report from the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA), John Vine, looked at UK visas processing in New York. According to the report, more than three in five decisions...

UK Immigration comments on Pakistani Visa Refusals

14:32 16/12/2009
The United Kingdom Border Agency has recently commented on media reports that suggest that Pakistani's are more likely to be refused visas to the UK . UK Border Agency Chief Executive Lin Homer had...