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John Vine

UK immigration inspector warns of 'proxy marriage' loophole

16:43 30/06/2014
The UK's chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, has warned that there is evidence that many foreign nationals are gaining UK residence visas by the use of proxy marriage certificates. In certain...

UK immigration inspector investigates sham marriages

12:44 28/02/2014
The UK's Chief Inspector of Immigration, John Vine, has been conducting research into abuse of the marriage system by immigrants seeking to obtain residence in the UK. Mr Vine has warned that sham...

UK's chief immigration inspector says e-Borders has 'some way to go'

10:25 15/10/2013
On Wednesday 9th October 2013, the UK's chief inspector of immigration and borders, John Vine, issued a highly critical report about the UK's e-Borders programme. The report says that the programme...

UK immigration criticised for Tier 1 decision-making

13:29 18/09/2013
John Vine, the UK's chief independent inspector of borders and immigration, has released a report which criticises the UK's Home Office for the quality and promptness of its decision making on Tier 1...

Inspector says UK immigration is making 'good progress' on visas

15:37 17/08/2013
The UK's independent chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, has issued a report in which he congratulates the UK's immigration service for having made improvements to the service it offers to...

UK Home Secretary criticised for censoring immigration report

11:41 13/08/2013
Opposition politicians and immigration activists criticised the UK's Home Secretary on 8th August 2013 after she used her powers to redact or censor a report by the country's Chief Inspector of...