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UK Immigration comments on Pakistani Visa Refusals

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The United Kingdom Border Agency has recently commented on media reports that suggest that Pakistani's are more likely to be refused visas to the UK. UK Border Agency Chief Executive Lin Homer had the following to say:

'We do not discriminate against any individual nationality, to suggest otherwise is false. Applications from Pakistan are assessed in the same manner and against the same immigration rules as applications from every other nationality.

'I am confident that we operate a firm and fair visa operation. It is the UK Border Agency's responsibility to prevent entry to the UK those who do not meet our entry criteria while welcoming legitimate trade and travel.

'Entry clearance officers consider each visa application on its individual merits and will refuse an application where they are not satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements of the visitor rules.

'It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they meet these rules and provide sufficient evidence to support their application. Any person who has been refused a family visit visa may have the right to appeal against the decision.

'The work of the whole UK Border Agency, including the visa operation, is subject to scrutiny and oversight by the independent Chief Inspector, John Vine.'

It is good that the Government is taking people's concerns seriously. However the BBC has reported that Pakistani citizens are top of the list of visa rejections. UK Home Office statistics confirm that last year about 41 per cent of applications for family visitor visas from Pakistan were rejected.