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Liam Fox

UK immigration and Brexit High Court loss for UK government

21:16 16/11/2016
The High Court has ruled that parliament has to vote on whether the UK can start proceedings to leave the European Union . The latest twist in Britain’s ‘Brexit’ saga means that government plans to...

UK Visas only Issued to EU Workers with a Skilled Job Post-Brexit

23:51 10/11/2016
UK Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has devised plans that will leave European Union workers facing the prospect of having to secure skilled work prior to entering Britain. Rudd’s post-Brexit, UK...

Theresa May says reducing UK immigration will have to wait

14:40 27/07/2016
Newly installed UK Prime Minister (PM), Theresa May, has warned 'Brexit' voters that slashing UK immigration numbers will 'have to wait'; people had expected that Britain's recent decision to leave...

UK immigration: MP calls for British 'green card' visa for migrant workers

10:16 12/07/2013
Right wing Conservative MP Liam Fox has called for radical reform of the UK's immigration system in favour of skilled workers at the expense of family members of UK citizens. Dr Fox, who was forced...

Britain wants New Zealand immigrants

11:04 26/01/2011
On a recent trip to New Zealand, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said he wants to continue to see a large flow of New Zealand immigrants to the UK . He said the recent immigration cap should...

New Zealand concerned about UK immigration cap

14:30 19/01/2011
British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Defense Secretary Liam Fox will arrive in New Zealand on 20 January 2011 to hold talks with NZ Foreign Minister Murray McCully. Part of their discussions...