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Illegal immigrants caught at UK Home Office

19:16 19/05/2006
Five illegal immigrants have been arrested after turning up for work to clean a British Home Office building. They were working for a firm contracted by the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate...

Shortfalls of UK funded English courses investigated

15:43 20/04/2006
A special inquiry is investigating the UK government funded English courses for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), to find why it is struggling to deliver effective courses for immigrants to the UK...

German builders heading to the UK

12:43 18/04/2006
German builders are heading to the UK to find work as the German construction industry is suffering. It is a reversal of the British building trade in the 1980's and 1990's, when many Britons did...

UK's capital to become world's capital of commerce

9:07 18/04/2006
A study by IBM reveals the city of London will become a magnet for talent from the US and Eastern Europe as it cements its reputation as the cosmopolitan capital of commerce. The trend will emerge by...

New Zealand employment expo to take place in London

17:13 13/03/2006
More than 3000 highly skilled British citizens have pre-registered to attend the Opportunities New Zealand Expo held in London later this month. The Expo brings together New Zealand employers and...

UK's Blair reassures Indian students about points system

15:24 08/03/2006
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair spoke to Indian studens via a video conference link, assuring them that the new points-based immigration system would make it "easier and fairer" for them to work and...