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Website lures New Zealanders home with cheap condoms

11:27 06/12/2005
A new government website to entice Kiwis home from Britain cites cheaper condoms and Big Macs as incentives for returning to New Zealand. A list comparing English and New Zealand prices on the...

Dual citizens in UK could lose citizenship in new bill

16:58 05/12/2005
Under new legislation being considered in the UK , the home secretary would be able to strip dual nationals of their British citizenship as easily as he can remove or exclude foreign nationals from...

Britons migrating to Australia happy with house prices

11:13 24/11/2005
Australia is crying out for immigrants to bring their skills. That's good news for Britons, who will be pleasantly surprised by house prices in cities such as Melbourne. Catherine Moye of the...

Australia considers opening London call centre for visas

18:57 21/11/2005
Australia's Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA) is looking to open a call centre based in London as a first contact for people in the UK and Europe enquiring about...

UK to help Malta fight illegal immigration

12:20 25/10/2005
Maltese Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi and British Home Secretary Charles Clarke on Monday agreed on the need for closer cooperation between Malta and Britain and to tackle the issue of illegal...

East European immigrants transforming London

16:47 24/10/2005
Nearly a year and a half after the expansion of the European Union, waves of East Europeans have washed into Britain . The New York Times reports. They work as bus drivers, farmhands and dentists, as...