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Mark Warner

US visa for startups legislation delayed by Trump

21:42 05/03/2019
Sanwar Ali comment: While there are concerns about the US visa for startups there are still opportunities to start up in the US. Two US visa categories that are worth considering are...

Indian MPs lobby US Congress over immigration reform

12:15 07/06/2013
Seven Indian MPs have travelled to Washington to lobby Congressmen about the comprehensive immigration reform act currently being debated by the US Congress. The MPs say that proposed changes to the...

Proposed US law would grant 125,000 more business green cards a year

13:27 18/02/2013
A group of four senators has proposed a new law that would see the US government grant 125,000 more employment-based green cards each year. The Startup Act 3.0 would grant 75,000 green cards (...

US Senator address India's concerns over H-1B visas

9:13 18/01/2012
US Senator Mark Warner vowed to look into the "disproportionate number" of H-1B visas being denied in India . There have also been concerns over the increase in certain categories of visa fees...