US Senator address India's concerns over H-1B visas

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US Senator Mark Warner vowed to look into the "disproportionate number" of H-1B visas being denied in India. There have also been concerns over the increase in certain categories of visa fees.

Senator Warner, who recently visited India, met with Indian officials and corporate leaders who expressed their concern over the increase in US visa fees and the number of US H-1B visa applications being refused.

"On raising (visa) fee, we heard some concerns. I understand the Indian concerns. Sometime in the Congress we link things that may or may not be linked. But I think, there is still enormous appetite in India for visas even with a higher cost," Warner said.

Warner said there were concerns from some of the tech companies that recently "the number of H-1B visa denied from India have been higher percentage than other countries" He also said that he was committed to looking into the "disproportionate number being turned down".

"I have also been supportive of within the H-1B area to raise the caps...currently there are caps that particularly seem challenging to India and China, which is simply based on equal divisions by country regardless of size," Warner said. He went onto say that the US should "remove those caps, providing additional opportunities for Indian H-1Bs".

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