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Michael Woodhouse

New Zealand Needs Immigrant Workers Due to Country’s bad Work Ethic

10:36 03/11/2016
New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, says the country’s policy of bringing in immigrants to fill vacancies, even in low-skilled roles like fruit farming, is justified because of the poor work ethic...

New Zealand population grows through net immigration

11:57 17/03/2014
New Zealand's population rose by 7,900 in 2012/13 because of net immigration, the latest government figures show. In 2011/12, the population fell slightly due to migration. The government expects the...

New Zealand immigration establishes Entrepreneur Work Visa

10:44 31/12/2013
The New Zealand immigration minister Michael Woodhouse has announced that his department is to scrap the Long-Term Business Visa and introduce a new visa, the Entrepreneur Work Visa, to replace it...

New Zealand allows students greater work rights

16:30 17/10/2013
In an attempt to attract a greater share of the world's international students, New Zealand education minister Steven Joyce and immigration minister Michael Woodhouse have announced reforms of New...

New Zealand has benefited from temporary migration

11:06 04/10/2013
A new report commissioned by New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has found that temporary immigration has had, overall, a positive effect on employment and wages for native...

New minister says New Zealand immigration policies working well

15:09 28/02/2013
After an unexpected reshuffle of the New Zealand government's cabinet in January, the new immigration minister, Michael Woodhouse, gave a speech on 14th February to the New Zealand Association of...