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Migration Advisory Committee

Tier 2 visa problems making NHS staffing crisis worse

11:59 17/09/2015
Newcastle upon Tyne's NHS Trust faces a staffing crisis as UK Immigration is preventing them from employing more nurses from the Philippines. The Home Office have refused to issue enough certificates...

NHS chiefs lobby Home Office concerning Tier 2 visas for nurses

19:25 14/08/2015
The concerns of NHS chiefs over changes to the UK Tier 2 immigration rules have been put forward in a letter sent to the Home Office. A report published by the Nursing Times says that many Tier 2...

David Cameron outlines crackdown on UK Tier 2 immigration

10:41 22/06/2015
British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new plans to 'significantly reduce' immigration to the UK from outside of the European Union. Plans include raising the salary threshold for the...

UK Tier 2 Visa Limit Reached for First Time

14:52 20/06/2015
The monthly limit on Tier 2 visas was reached for the first time this month, prompting harsh criticism of the visa cap from business and immigration experts. Tier 2 (General) visa for skilled...

David Cameron Announces UK Immigration 'Taskforce'

10:18 06/06/2015
On June 1st British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his intention to lead a new 'immigration taskforce' in an apparent attempt to bring immigration down to 'the tens of thousands'. Ten new '...

Immigration news update: UK

19:07 27/11/2014
There were a number of significant immigration changes published by the Home Office on 16 October 2014. is providing further details of the main changes below. Tier 2 visas (Changes...