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New York

Obama and Romney to address immigration in TV debate?

12:17 17/10/2012
President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for the presidency at the November 6th US presidential election, will contest the second presidential debate tonight (16th October...

Inspection Report published for UK immigration visa processing in New York

19:52 10/01/2012
A recent report from the Independent Chief Inspector of the UK Border Agency (UKBA), John Vine, looked at UK visas processing in New York. According to the report, more than three in five decisions...

London most popular immigration destination for foreign professionals

18:22 10/01/2012
According to new research half of all foreign professionals would consider immigrating to London if they ever looked to work overseas. Next on the list of popular destination cities was New York at...

Proposed bill would give immigrants purchasing US property US visas

11:58 28/10/2011
A new bill proposed by the US Senate would offer residential visas to immigrants purchasing eligible property in the US . The bill would require foreign nationals to purchase real estate for $500,...

Former president speaks about Irish immigration

9:34 18/10/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The former president of Ireland, speaking at Notre Dame's Washington Hall, said that immigration brings "new and complex challenges to the Irish identity"...

Answers: 20 of the US Citizenship Test questions

15:16 16/07/2007
• Watch This Video So, do you have the knowledge to pass the United States citizenship interview ? You need to score 85-100%, and, truth be told, if you score so well, you probably know more about...