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Canada invests in helping immigrants learn English and learn about Canada

9:58 15/09/2009
A home based program to help parents prepare their children for school and better utilize local community services is expanding its family literacy program in a number of Canadian cities. $3.5...

Canada immigration target likely to be reached

9:24 16/02/2009
Despite the current economic situation in Canada this will likely not affect the Government's target of up to 265,000 new immigrants for this year according to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. "For...

The Year of the Rat begins

15:46 08/02/2008
• Media Center » Watch This Video On 07 February 2008, the Chinese Lunar New Year began, heralding in the Year of the Rat. Countries across the globe are celebrating the Lunar New Year and taking...

Quebec needs migrants

10:00 19/09/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to Immigration Minister Yolande James, Quebec will have to increase immigration to meet its workforce needs. Her comments come in the wake of debates...

'Lost Canadians' a bigger problem than thought

12:30 28/03/2007
CBC News has found that the number of people who have been stripped of Canadian citizenship - the so-called 'Lost Canadians' - is far greater than the federal government has let on. Immigration...

Canadian reciprocity and visa waiver rules with European Union

13:50 06/02/2007
• Watch This Video Most European Union citizens who wish to visit Canada do not require visas. However, there are some exceptions. Nationals of six Member States that joined to form the EU-25 in 2004...