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Married same-sex couples can immigrate to Canada

13:53 02/02/2007
• Watch This Video The last vestige of discrimination against gay couples has been removed from Ottawa law and a person applying for immigration can now sponsor a same-sex spouse . The controversial...

Canada attracting educated and highly skilled immigrants

12:36 12/10/2006
• Watch This Video Canadian immigration policy is doing a good job of attracting skilled immigrants to this country, a Queen's University expert said. The U.S. Senate recently invited Economics...

Canadian poll - biometric identification and immigration in favour

12:41 04/10/2006
• Watch This Video Most Canadians do not understand what biometrics are, but think the government should use them to prevent prospective immigrants from using bogus identity documents to enter the...

Ottawa ranked as first in economic growth in Canada

18:29 11/07/2006
• Watch This Video People looking to immigrate to Canada will be very interested to know about the recent rankings for technology-heavy sectors. A recent analysis by CIBC World Markets Inc. (a...

New Canadian government to help new immigrants

18:12 27/02/2006
Canada's federal Conservative government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to work with Canadian provinces to help immigrants have their foreign credentials recognized in Canada. "That's one...

Canada may phase out immigration landing fee

15:24 04/01/2006
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin is promising to phase out a hated immigration landing fee he imposed in 1995, his latest effort to gather support for his party among new Canadians. Martin now...