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Phil Woolas

UK Tier 1 visa and Tier 2 visa - Major changes from 6 April

9:09 21/03/2010
Article index: Outline of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visa Changes Tier 1 General Visa Changes Tier 2 visa or Work Permit Scheme Changes Tier 1 Post Study Work As expected UK immigration will be making...

UK Immigration taking steps to prevent illegal immigration

16:46 03/03/2010
UK immigration will be sharing more data and intelligence with overseas Governments in source immigration Countries to prevent illegal immigration . "The international action plan" by the Home Office...

UK Immigration and money owed for healthcare services

19:36 02/03/2010
It is likely that in future visitors and immigrants in the UK will be refused permission to enter or stay in the UK if they owe money to the National Health Service (NHS) above a certain amount. This...

UK Immigration statistics show immigration decline

11:44 02/03/2010
The Home Office recently published quarterly immigration statistics on immigration and asylum. The immigration statistics cover the number of asylum applications, total removals of people who have...

New Tougher UK Student Visa Requirements

10:32 10/02/2010
Home Secretary Alan Johnson has announced changes to student visas that will mean that students will need to have better English; Also, those on shorter courses will only be allowed to work a smaller...

UK Immigration and nationality fee increases for 2010-2011

17:36 27/01/2010
The Minister of State for Borders and Immigration , Phil Woolas, has put forward regulations in Parliament for the fees for immigration and nationality services. The fees for many services are higher...