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Phil Woolas

UK Financial assistance to Zimbabwe nationals continues

15:03 03/11/2009
Zimbabwe nationals wishing to emigrate from the UK back to Zimbabwe will be provided enhanced assistance for a voluntary return. Cash payments will be phased in over a six month period instead of "in...

UK Border Agency asks for comments on UK Visa Charges

16:57 10/09/2009
The UK Border Agency announced on 9 September that they have launched a public consultation on the fees it charges for its immigration and visa services. UKBA would like comments on the fees for the...

UK Immigration and asylum Latest Statistics

12:07 28/08/2009
Annual immigration statistics for 2008 and quarterly immigration figures for April to June 2009 were published by the Home Office today; This covers immigration from Eastern Europe, asylum...

UK Citizenship applications go up 57 percent

13:58 24/06/2009
There has been a significant increase in the numbers of people applying and being approved for UK citizenship . This year as many as a quarter of a million people may gain UK citizenship , UK...

UK Immigration amnesty would boost economy

11:41 16/06/2009
A study commissioned by the London Mayor Boris Johnson suggests that an immigration amnesty would lead to a GBP3 billion boost to the economy. The London School of Economics study also concludes that...

UK Border Agency reminder about new Student Tier

12:32 27/01/2009
The UK Border Agency reminds Universities, Colleges and Schools that they must apply by 2 February 2009 if they wish to sponsor students when the new student Tier 4 is introduced at the end of March...