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Phil Woolas

UK Tier 2 Visas, IT firms and intra-company transfers

17:18 10/01/2010
The Association of Professional Staffing Companies a special interest group feels that the Tier 2 ( Intra company transfer ) visa category of the points-based system has resulted in Indian IT...

UK Immigration under Tier 2 harder for IT workers and others

15:48 11/12/2009
There have been suggestions that the Tier 2 (Intra company transfer) visa provides a loophole to enable Indian IT companies to bring overseas workers to the UK . It has been claimed that this enables...

UK Tier 1 visa likely to become easier

9:06 11/12/2009
Recently the Migration Advisory Committee completed its review of the Tier 1 visa scheme. In light of changing economic circumstances the Government had asked MAC to consider changes to Tier 1 for...

UK Tier 2 Visas - Longer advertising requirements

17:18 01/12/2009
UKBA has announced recently that from 14 December 2009 the resident labour market test requirement for Tier 2 visas will be four weeks. Previously you had to advertise for a period of two weeks or...

New UK Immigration and asylum statistics

15:14 01/12/2009
The Home Office have recently released statistics on immigration , asylum applications, migration from Eastern Europe and removals of those illegally in the UK for the period July to September 2009...

UK Work Visa restrictions on Bulgarians and Romanians to continue

15:51 05/11/2009
On 3 November 2009 the UK Government announced that restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians working in the UK will continue until the end of 2011. In 2004 when nationals of the Czech Republic,...