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Productivity Commission

New Australia work visa plan scrapped as government seeks alternatives

16:52 30/04/2016
Plans to allow businesses to recruit specialist foreign workers for up to 12 months, without requiring a 457 visa , have been scrapped by Australia's federal government. The move comes as officials...

Demands for 457 visa reform reignited by Australian business groups

14:59 19/01/2016
Australian business groups are reigniting the campaign for 457 visa reform, stating that the time has come to 'dispel misinformation about the 457 visa scheme....' In a move likely to create friction...

Australian treasurer stands by immigration policies

16:41 07/04/2006
The Australian opposition leader Kim Beazley opposed the Australian Government saying that it has increased the levels of skilled migration at the expense of training Australians and therefore had...

Will increased migration make Australia wealthier?

10:56 17/01/2006
Increasing skilled immigration will create a more powerful economy in Australia and make people richer on average, the Government's leading agency for economic analysis says. In a report entitled...