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Canada seeking to attract more IT professionals

10:13 24/10/2012
The Canadian IT sector is thriving. Montreal is a global centre for video game companies for example. Last year (2011) alone, the sector grew by 21% creating 8,000 new jobs. However, the Information...

Quebec seeks qualified nurses

19:08 05/09/2012
There is a national shortage of nurses throughout Canada, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the country's immigration ministry. The shortage is especially severe in the Province of...

Canadian immigration accepting proposals for new settlement programs

15:41 09/08/2012
Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has issued a call for proposals for language training and other settlement and resettlement services to help newcomers transition into their new life in the...

Canada will continue to process Federal Skilled Worker visa backlog

16:09 30/05/2012
Earlier this year Canadian immigration announced their plans to stop the processing of Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) visa applications submitted before 27 February 2008 and reject these applications...

Canada to make transition to permanent residency faster for immigrants

18:57 18/04/2012
Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced this week that in order to more quickly meet Canada's labour market needs, the immigration department will make changes to allow...

Canadian immigration to eliminate visa application backlog

16:58 03/04/2012
As part of Canadian immigration's plan to reduce the backlog of visa applications, the government will be rejecting almost 300,000 people who applied for a Canadian visa before 2008. Their...